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Car clock with weather station (F50)

car clock with thermometer(T23)

Car Hygrometer & thermometer with clock(HC100)


Car thermometer(T24)

Solar car decorative LED light(BL38)

Car clock with calendar(C08)

Car in/out thermometer with clock(CT39-P)

LED car clcok with thermometer(LED10)

Car thermometer (T18)

Car Hygrometer & thermometer (H100)

Car battery vlotage meter(E30)

Mini car clock(C20)

Japanese Version Radio controlled car clock(RCJ50)

car thermometer (T07B)

Radio controlled car clock(RC30)


Car in/out thermometer(T55)

Car clock with in/out thermometer T07

Car clock with thermometer & voltage meter(EC30)

Mini car clock with thermometer(CT20)

Car thermometer with clock (T08)

Car clock with in/out thermomter(CT23)

Car Digital Compass (CD60)

Car clock with calendar C07

Car in/out thermometer with clock T09

Radio controlled car clock RC09

Germany version Radio controlled car clock RCD50

Solar car clock C37

Car voltage meter with in/out thermometer ET39

Car clock with in/out thermometer (CT39-N)

Car voltage meter with clock & thermometer(EC88)

Car voltagemeter with weather indication EE60

Car Ashtray with LED light (AS15)

Car GPS clock with compass GD08
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